Session 3

December 2-4, 2011

We return to the Ashram Friday December 2nd for Session 3. The time between our classes seems to fly by and I am grateful to becoming more regular in my yoga and meditation practice. I have also started to log all the time spent studying and practicing yoga, which is also a requirement of certification.

As I incorporate yoga into my life more, I find I am sharing stories about the training, yoga classes and my experience of yoga with strangers and coworkers alike!

Maetreyii Ma shares Philosophy of yoga on Saturday, explaining the Kleshas or “mental states the cloud the mind and manifest in unwholesome actions. Kleshas include states of mind such as anxiety, fear, anger, jealousy, desire, depression, etc.” (from Wikipedia). The idea of Raga or attachment is described as “anything you manifest on the physical plan is temporary, you will lose it, die, it is not forever. Spiritual life, soul level work, then is an eternal state of being”. Such wisdom!

Ananda Deviika Ma shared about kundalini and chakras and says this: yoga, just as a physical practice i not enough. The subtle body is key to our overall growth and health. I love that each of us is able to chose how deeply we immerse ourselves in the teachings and how we have such knowledgeable and compassionate teachers!

Gayatri has given us the assignment to lay out an entire yoga class after we did several together in class. The benefit of this exercise is to realize how many options there are to a class! And how to best use the warm-up time to prepare the major muscles and bones for the “apex” or peak of the class pose.

We are treated to an afternoon asana practice with Trish, a former student in this training. I notice my body at first is achy, my hips want to move in circles, flowing. Slowing down. I have a major breakthrough as I realize how much I rush from one activity to another and what I really long for is stillness. Being. I am struck by how profound one “good” yoga class can be when I let go of and be totally present, allowing. I am once again inspired to create this feeling in my life and to teach in a way that allows others to experience this! Bellows pose, one of my favorites, smile 🙂

One of the big aha’s from this weekend was the topic of: Will I practice yoga while I am teaching? The short answer is no, I don’t think that I can be an effective teacher dedicating all my senses to my students if I am actually in my usual deep yoga practice. What I discovered, however, is that my body knows the poses and at this point in the training, we are learning and speaking the cues for poses. Personally, this will be my biggest challenge.