Session 5

February 10-12th, 2012

This is our 5th weekend together and I am excited to talk about the business aspects of creating a yoga practice. Gayatri talks about  insurance, how much to charge when first starting out, how to get started, where to get started… I begin to wonder who is my ideal student: a working mom with a hectic schedule looking for some quiet “me” time? athletes or elderly people? a first timer or lifer? The answer is I don’t know…all of the above? Instead of getting bogged down in that detail, I trust that the students that are attracted to my classes is my ideal student 🙂 Instead I focus on how to accomodate all of the above when they all show up to the same class!

I do ruminate on how/where/when to offer a regular yoga practice to my community. Since I live in glorious weather California and we are coming up on Spring weather, I think maybe at the local park. I also think of a friend’s large living room. Maybe I will rent a space at one of the local gyms in town. Or approach a gym and ask to teach there. The inquiry continues.

Ananda Deviika Ma speaks to us about the benefits of Yoga Nidra. The practice dissolves body/mind tension, releases old traumas and emotions from the subconscious. She also explains the “States of Consciousness”, Yoga Nidra falling into the “awake” category. I have had the pleasure of experiencing this form of yoga several times and only once was I able to stay “awake”. We are treated to a session during our morning session and no one hesitated to lay down on their floor, close their eyes and open their senses. I enjoyed the first 5 minutes before yes, falling asleep but at least I didn’t snore. One time, at the spa, I purposefully sat close to the instructor to be able to hear her speak and I was able to stay awake the entire class. What an amazing expansive feeling!

I am teaching the afternoon yoga class with 2 of my fellow students and am admittedly a bit nervous. The 3 of us have come up with a theme of grounding and to go with that, we are teaching some balance poses. How do you keep your center in the midst of challenge? The class turns out beautiful, each of us bringing in our own flavor and vibe and somehow it all works to create 1 whole class. It is a real learning experience to me as I lead Matsyendrasana/Twist Pose and get the arms and legs all wrong.  Twisting the wrong way, using the wrong arm…I realize while this pose may not be difficult to get into, it certainly is a challenge leading others to get into!

We are reminded that we are to turn in our homework journal, keeping track of all the hours we have done self-study: meditating, studying reading material and postures, asanas, and any other insights we have had during the 6 months. This reminds me that I have several yoga class write ups to complete. I love having “yoga research” to do, an excuse to try a new class or studio. Here I will mention I went to a restorative yoga class on a Tuesday night and was taken aback by the full size harp on the teacher’s mat. The atmosphere for the next hour plus was off the charts blissful and I was moved to tenderness at the sweetness of the space. This kind of yoga is also known as “yin yoga” which can be a wonderful vessel for the divine to come through you.

For me, this particular weekend is when the reality of completing the yoga teacher training starts to unfold. I am looking to restructure some aspects of my life to make more room to teach.  Along with this comes an embodied awareness, not merely a cerebral idea, of wanting to bring forth the best parts of me:  my “yoga” voice and heart, awareness and creativity.  I started a new job in September 2011 and began this yoga teacher training a month later. 6 months later at said job and there is an increasing tension between who I was when I started and who is showing up now, in present time.  In mediation, I am reminded to release all the thoughts and jibber jabber about creating a career in alignment with me and my gifts and instead, settle into a picture of me teaching, students on the mat, savoring the sweetness of the present moment.

As we complete our studies with Gayatri Sunday late afternoon and prepare the room for Dharmachakra, I catch her and hugging warmly (she is a great hugger), said hey I had this aha today and she said oh yeah, whats that? And I said “I am going to be a yoga teacher.”

Ohm Bliss Ohm

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